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Inspirational Quote for June


Letter from the Staff

Dear Readers,

Thank you all for reading Monarch Writers Blog this year. We have enjoyed writing for you and would love to hear ideas for next year. We were a little bumpy in the beginning of this year, but once we got everything figured out it went smoothly.

If you have any ideas that you want to share feel free to email us at orvablog@gmail.com or take our ORVA Blog Survey, located up at the top under it’s own tab.

We will be, sadly, signing off for the summer, but we will be back next school year. When we come back next year, please be expecting some new columns, some format changes, and some staff changes. If you are a student or teacher at ORVA and would like to write an article or be a member of staff, please let us know by email. We’d love to have you write for us.

Thank You!

Monarch Writers Staff