A History of Halloween

By: Daelyn Wilson and David Arellano It’s the holiday many small children look forward to for one main reason: candy! On the 31st of this month, families all over will each be celebrating Halloween and younger kids dressing up as their favorite heroes and characters. But was Halloween always celebrated in this fashion? Where exactly... Continue Reading →

NateWantsToBattle Profile

By: Nik Cartier Nathan Sharp started his music career when he uploaded his first music video (a cover of the Pokémon Rap) in June of 2012. Since then on his journey through the musical world, he has gained 1.3 million subscribers as of 10/19/2018. He does his own music as well as covers of popular... Continue Reading →

Teacher Spotlight

By: Isabelle Jones We have so many amazing teachers here at ORVA, and we love to put them in the spotlight and give them recognition for their fantastic work. So, for our first Teacher Spotlight, I will be interviewing Mrs. Tell, our 10th-grade Chemistry teacher! Q: How long have you been teaching Chemistry? Mrs. Tell: I’ve... Continue Reading →

The Portland Japanese Garden

By: Angel Anderson Did you know that out of over 300 Japanese gardens in North America, the Portland Japanese Garden is ranked as the second most authentic Japanese Garden outside of Japan? According to Sukiya Living Magazine (JOJG), they asked 41 Japanese garden specialists in 2004 to rank the 25 top gardens in North America.... Continue Reading →

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