Photo Journalism Prompt Writing

Hello Readers, For our Journalism class, we tested our skills by practicing Photo Journalism. This specific assignment required us to choose two photos and write a story. The story could be non-fiction or fiction, as long as it was fairly short. We came up with a variety of topics from sci-fi to karma, and scary... Continue Reading →

Winter Adventure!

By Annmarie Wilcox In December 2013, my whole family flew to Alaska to spend Christmas with my aunt, uncle, and cousins.  Altogether, there were seven of us cousins. There was a ton of snow, and all of us had a big snowball fight with my uncles. It was seven against two, but they still managed... Continue Reading →

Game Over

By Carole Guzzardi “Game paused.” I opened my eyes in confusion. I could hear someone standing next to me and heard a familiar voice. “You’ve been on there for hours, Abigail, it’s my turn now,” my little sister Wednesday growled at me. I groaned and rolled my eyes, taking the Virtual Reality headset off. “What... Continue Reading →

Camping At The Dunes

By Damien Whispell This is the story about the last time that our family had gone out camping at the dunes... and the events that unfolded there. To give you some context, usually every year my family and I all go out on these trips during the summer so we can all get out and... Continue Reading →

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