A real winter wonderland

We all enjoy Christmas, do we not? It’s the one time of the year where everyone seems so cheerful and happy. It’s my favorite holiday. The smell of Candy Canes, The yummy foods, and of course the presents! But those aren’t the only reasons Christmas is fun for me. We have many little events around my... Continue Reading →

A Song for Lost Sleep

Why don’t we  Sneak out to the beach at night?  All we’ll be  Are memories this time of year  We can swim  In the blue moonlight  On our whim  Let’s regret our lost sleep  In the morning,  Next year.  A rock  At the window, alone in bed  A knock, undone the lock  Now below, eyes turned... Continue Reading →


Basketball is a sport where you throw a ball into a hoop and score points. I play basketball for Liberty High School Falcons in Hillsboro, OR. The reason I love basketball so much is because you’re always moving. You always have something to do.Basketball is a game that has a point system. So, if you... Continue Reading →

The Story… Of Gingerbread Houses

It is not surprising as people come together for the holidays that more and more gingerbread houses are being made - whether it be built with families or alone, shared over the internet - or simply made to be looked at, and then eaten! Gingerbread houses have been made for hundreds of years and have... Continue Reading →

Life This Year

2019 is a weird year of getting to do new things that seem oddly familiar to me. I got slapped in the face with a multitude of realities that kind of changed how I live and view things. Now, I see how I spend my time as contributions to who I’m spending it with, I... Continue Reading →


It was as if the boy had been conceived by music itself they said. His shrill cries a vibrato, his slow, purposeful movements imitating that of a legato, his rapid mind the embodiment of a staccato. Lessons had proven to just be another game, teachers merely an obstacle on the road of achievement. He was neither a prodigy nor a simpleton; for... Continue Reading →

Our Two New Furbabies

As you all may know, I had two cats. One's name was Oscar, and the other was Skitty. Skitty passed away in 2016. He had to be put down due to being extremely ill. He couldn't walk, wouldn't eat, and his nose was always snotty. Not to mention he had a sore on his eye... Continue Reading →

Christmas Wishes

Last Christmas I had wanted many things  Toys, games, books, music   Everything that Santa brings  My mind wasn’t in the same place  As it is today  This Christmas my wishes have changed  I want my friends to be happy  And my family to be safe  And to see my loved ones near and far  Important things... Continue Reading →

November Poem

The leaves have fallen  The trees are left bare  Crumbling on the ground  Turned crisp from the cold air  It begins to rain and maybe even snow  A countdown before Christmas  People putting up their decorations in preparation   The last Thursday of the month dedicated for thanks and celebration  The last Friday dedicated for deals around the... Continue Reading →

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