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Letter from the Editor

Hello readers! Welcome back to the returning students and welcome to ORVA for any new readers! As you may notice, there have been a few very slight changes to the columns and formatting over the summer.

Underneath the Archives tab, you will see a drop-down menu of “2016-17.” This is where all of our articles, art, and all that fun stuff from last year are kept. If you want the latest and most recent of our posts, you can click on Latest Posts and that will direct you to our newest articles.

Some columns were removed over the summer since they had little to no articles in them or were just not popular. There still might be some columns that will be removed, but that might happen over the school year.

If you are interested in writing, art, photography, sports, video games, baking, cooking, or pretty much anything that you would like to share about, please email us at orvablog@gmail.com and we can arrange for you to guest write an article or two. If you’d like to join the Monarch Writers as a regular contributor, send an email to us and we will work something out. We would love to have you write for us, especially teachers!

If you have an idea of a column, article, or anything, let us know by taking the ORVA Blog Survey, located under its own tab, or just click on this link: https://themonarchwriters.com/orva-blog-survey-page/

Thank you for reading!

~Editor in Chief