Halloween: A Day in the Life

By: Daelyn  Wilson

Hi everyone! One of my favorite holidays has to be Halloween. I’m not a person who eagerly wishes for the scary parts of Halloween, but I do appreciate the happiness and joy that can be spread by this holiday. I am also always curious about the past of Halloween.

A little bit about Halloween: It is a version of All Hallow’s Eve, an ancient holiday where people would have a feast. It is said that on Halloween, the barrier between the spirit world and the real world is at its thinnest and spirits can pass through. Spooky, right?

I started my Monday by waking up at 6:00 AM to go to seminary. After getting home, I started my school as soon as I got back at about 7:30. Once I made my bed and everything, I began with Advisory and just worked my way down the list. I had math left when my mom, my little brother, and I left to go shopping. We got back at about 3:00 and that’s when all the fun started.

At 4:00 I started to get ready for trick or treating. I was planning on being the Cheshire Cat from Disney’s animated movie “Alice in Wonderland” (I provided a picture below). At 5:30 my family from around the area came over for dinner and by 6:20 we left to go trick or treating.

I have only lived in my neighborhood for 1 month. But apparently it is the place to come on Halloween. Each house could get 500 -1000 trick or treaters. My aunt and uncle handed out candy for my mom while the rest of us went trick or treating. We got back at around 8:00, 8:10. I got about 4 pounds of candy in 2 hours!! It was an exciting night and I had a lot of fun.



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