Thanksgiving: A day in the life

kMy Thanksgiving Day started off early.  My daughter, Sarah joined us at my youngest son, Sam’s (the bearded wonder) house, while my other son, Perry celebrated with his wife and son at her parent’s.

It started with giving Olaf a bath and packing up the food.  Sam is a bachelor who rents a house with some friends.  His roomies were elsewhere so we got the house to ourselves.

After packing up we headed to Sam’s in Olympia.  Olympia, Washington is where I lived since 2nd grade and until August of 2006.  So my loves were born and raised there.  Sarah lives in Bellevue, WA and works as an accountant. Perry lives in Yelm, WA.  He works at Joint Base Lewis McChord as a civilian, pretty much doing what he did when he was in the Army.  Sam is also an Army veteran and works as a lead at O’Reilly’s Auto Parts in East Olympia.

We headed out of Seaside in what felt like a tsunami of rain, crossed over the bridge in Astoria, entering Washington.  As we wound our way to Olympia, we stopped in Raymond and met Perry at coffee shop so I could get my hug and love on my boy (these things are vital to keeping moms alive and functioning well).  After about an hour of visiting and soaking him in with my eyeballs, hugs and touches…sigh, we headed to Olympia and arrived at the “Bachelor Pad.”  Knowing it was a “Bachelor Pad,” you can understand my apprehension of what it’d be like BUT it was amazing, it was clean, smelled clean and made this mom feel like she done good at raising her baby.

Then it was a whirlwind of unloading the car (of course, AFTER, I got my hug and a chance to love on him and a tour of the ole homestead).  Then tossing the turkey in the oven, I started peeling potatoes, making stuffing and getting all the other fixing started.  And then my girl made her great appearance and began making the famous green bean casserole.

Finally, we sat down enjoyed the meal and conversation with laughs that made our tummies hurt and ended our evening with watching, “Finding Dory,” and eating pie before we all loaded up and we headed back to Seaside, Sarah back to Bellevue and Sam…well he got to stay there with a fridge full of left overs and a clean kitchen (the perks of having mom use your kitchen).

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