The Land of Unicorns: Chapters 1-7


The Land of Unicorns.

By: Hannah Peppers

Chapter 1

My friends, Gabby and Arielle and I, we’re the best of friends, we always traveled to school together. One day at school, we saw a mystery club, it’s just said The Club, so we all agreed to sign up to see what The Club was about. After our classes were over, we went to the library to attend The Club. But no one was there when we went in but we found a note saying, ‘We will meet up tomorrow.”

After we all had read the note, we decided to go home since we didn’t have anything else to do. After Lily’s mom picked us up, she dropped off Gabby and Arielle at their homes. The next day we went to school and looked at the clock, eagerly waiting for it to be 4:00 so that we could go back to The Club. As soon as the clock struck 4:00, we hurriedly left our seats and went to the library and finally found out what The Club was about.

Chapter 2

The Club was the Unicorn Club! We all found what we’d been looking for because we love unicorns. They told us that they called it The Club because they felt they would be laughed at if they call themselves the Unicorn Club, so they kept it a secret. Cassandra, the captain of the Unicorn Club, introduced us to the rest of the club members. There was Genesis, Felicia, Jessica, Andrea and Sara, who all greeted us. I said that it was nice to meet them. Then, Lily, Gabby, and Arielle introduced themselves to the Club and we all became the best of friends because we all had a lot in common and had a lot of visit about.

Chapter 3

Cassandra told us there was a myth in a book that said there was a land where the unicorns stuck together and told us where to find the book so we could have more information.  Everyone in the Club went to find the book in the library. We all looked for about 30 minutes until Jessica finally found it. She took it to Genesis since she knew how to read better than anyone else. She read that it said that if you traveled to Ireland and found a double rainbow, a portal will be there and to teleport you to the land of the unicorns, but it only happens every five years and in order for the portal to form, eight people who love unicorns with all their heart must be present. Luckily there were eight of us and that’s all we needed to go to the land of the unicorns.

Chapter 4

All of us were surprised and wanted to go very badly, that we decided to make a plan. We would all try to earn the money to fly to Ireland by working, helping and other ways to make money in one month. Since all of us were 18 years old, we are old enough to fly by ourselves. After the Club meeting, we started to make money and one month later, we made enough money to fly to Ireland. Since our parents thought we were ‘mature’ to fly by ourselves, we were able to go. So the next day, we will leave for the airport to fly to Ireland. In the morning, we all fit into Felicia’s big van drove us to the airport.

Chapter 5

As we arrived at the airport we started to get our luggage and head inside. First, we went through the metal detectors, then we got our plane tickets and waited for our plane. After 10 minutes the plane arrived, and we started to board it. After about seven hours, we arrived in Ireland. We were so tired but also excited at the same time. After we left the airport, we went to a nearby hotel and checked all of us into two rooms. Each room had two queen size beds. We ordered room service and after we ate we decided to watch an episode of Full House. After the show was over, we decided to go to our rooms and go to bed.

Chapter 6

In the morning, we got ready to go eat breakfast together went to Ihop to eat some delicious pancakes. After eating, we went on a hunt for the double rainbow. After about 10 minutes it started to rain, but luckily Cassandra had umbrellas for all of us. We took a break and went under a big tree and ate some snacks. We started back on our hunt and all of a sudden the rain stopped. We looked up at the sky and finally saw a double rainbow. We went running for the end of it and after 12 minutes finally reached it. When we reached it, we sat down next together to form a circle. We said the words from the myth and the portal started to form. We all looked behind us, stood up and went into the portal that leads to the land that no person had ever been through.

Chapter 7

On the other side of the portal and we saw that the myth was real! We saw a beautiful waterfall, with a lake at the bottom and all the unicorns were gathered together with mermaids in the lake. Everything was breathtaking, the waterfall, a beautiful crystal lake with mermaids in it, green grass with the unicorns eating.  Everything was just so beautiful!  We went towards the unicorns and mermaids, at first they were scared, but when the unicorns saw our shirts that said, “We love unicorns!” they weren’t scared anymore. Everyone was so nice and friendly.  We had a nice picnic and then unicorns offered us a ride on their back, so we went riding into the sunset. We were all tired and fell asleep on the grass. The next day, we had to say goodbye to them but promised we would visit them every summer. We also had to keep the secret that the myth was not a myth to protect the unicorns and mermaids.

To be continued…..

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