My Little Sister

By Emonni Jackson


When my baby sister was born

My Little Sister Photo 1When we found out that my mom was pregnant, it was so amazing because no one knew she was, so it was a big surprise to everybody! It was awesome. We thought my mom was sick, but she was pregnant! When she went to the doctor, they couldn’t find any baby in my mom’s belly until later. When my mom had the baby, it was just amazing and super awesome. After we got to see the baby, we got my mom the flowers you see in the photo and a balloon we got my baby sister a little puppy to snuggle with. A photographer came to take pictures of us with the baby and of the baby by herself. The photo at the top is one of them she gave back with the photos in video form, and when my mom watched it, she started crying a lot because of how happy she was. It was the best time of my life; Felicity is a blessing!


When my baby sister turned 1 ~

My Little Sister Photo 2Before my sister turned one, we stayed up all night decorating the living room and the kitchen. The kitchen’s theme was Strawberry Shortcake and the living room was Minnie Mouse themed because she loved them both, so we thought it would be cool to put two themes in the house. The next day we woke up and started blowing up the Strawberry Shortcake and Minnie Mouse balloons; after we were done with that, we went out to get her cake! The cake we ordered was a green and pink cake with Strawberry Shortcake and Minnie Mouse on it, just like her little smash cake! While we were out getting the cakes, we also got all her presents, which we wrapped before the party started. My mom and dad made homemade nachos, and there was ice cream with strawberry whip cream over it, with a slice of cake, with a cup of fruit punch (and we could get refills!) We put together a video and photos of her to music. When everybody got to the party, we started off talking about stuff; then we ate nachos. After we ate, we opened presents, then had dessert; it was the best birthday party ever because we did everything ourselves!



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