The sky changes from bright to a sun unseen
The leaves change to orange from green
The ground changes from dry to wet
The mood changes from joyous to content
The time changes to putting away the beach ball
The seasons change from summer to fall
The sky changes to a nice cool grey
The weather changes each passing day
The activities change to reading by a fire
The mood changes to one of desire
The temperature changes and makes you shiver
The seasons change from fall to winter
The sky changes to a nice bright blue
The ground changes as flowers bloom
The trees change as leaves start to grow
The mood changes to happiness that will overflow
The sounds change as birds begin to sing
The seasons change from winter to spring
The sky hardly changes, still staying bright
The mood changes greatly as this time is made to excite
The weather changes to bring about sweat
The activities change to swimming and getting all wet
The walkways change to be filled with runners
The seasons change from spring to summer

Author – Kaitlyn R

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