Mrs. Tell

Hi There! Welcome to The ORVA Weekly Spotlight, co-written by Stephany and Tori, we take some time every week to recognize the great people that make up our school!

1. What made you want to be a part of ORVA

I taught for 13 years in a brick and mortar high school. After my 2nd child was born I wanted to take some time off. I was a stay at home mom and substitute teacher for 6 years. A teacher friend of mine got hired at ORVA and told me how awesome it was. I’ve now been here for 8 years.

2. Do you have any hobbies outside of school?

When I have extra time…I love to watch movies. I worked in a movie theater when I was in HS and ever since it has become a hobby. I am also a baker/cake decorator and love to entertain for parties. I have 2 teenagers and 2 dogs, so most of my extra time is hanging out with family.

3. What is your job like on a day to day basis? What is your favorite part?

My job has 5 components:

· Long term prep- understanding the standards and making sure they are all being covered

· Short term prep- preparing lessons for class connects

· Teaching- both live class connects and targeted help sessions

· Grading- providing feedback on assignments

· Communication- answering email, phone and texts

4. Do you have any tips for new or returning students?

Students need to develop some type of organizational system. If you just log on day to day without a plan, you will end up getting behind. Being perpetually behind will add an extra layer of stress and will lead the student to rush through topics instead of really trying to learn them. I would recommend a daily or weekly list. I am incredibly efficient and hate to waste time or procrastinate. It is hard, but worth it when all your work is done, and you can relax with family and friends.

5. What is your favorite place/part of Oregon?

I grew up in Washington…so I am very much a Washingtonian. I moved to Oregon after college, but since my family still lives in Washington (same for my husband) we mainly travel north for everything. My favorite place in Oregon is home. I love Portland!

6. if you had to pick a job to do other than teaching, what would it be?

Dentist. For sure!! I am weirdly obsessed with teeth

Authors- Tori P and Stephany S.

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