A Butterfly’s Migration CH1 Part 2

London, United Kingdoms 

Bartholomew continued speaking, but I‌ lost the first half of the sentence to my thoughts. “I do hope you don’t mind if it’s Earl Grey, I‌ must say that that is the tea I‌ stand by.” 
What…?‌ It took me a few seconds to remember the whole tea thing, and I‌ nodded. “That will be perfect.”‌ I said, despite never having had Earl Grey before. It would do, I‌ probably would have to get used to it. As it was the favorite of the butterfly, I should at least become conditioned to what I‌ might eat or drink.  
“Alrighty then,”‌ Bartholomew said, “While we wait for that tea… Perhaps we should discuss why you’re here?”‌ 
“I’ve been wondering that myself,”‌ I‌ respond with a slightly insecure chuckle. Bartholomew’s lips turned down. 
“You don’t know why you’re here?‌ I‌ selected-” 
I hastily cut off his words – rather rudely – to say – “It’s not that I‌ don’t know why I’m here…”‌ I‌ said, trying to find the words to convey my thoughts, “I meant more about how I don’t know why you chose me.” 
“Why I‌ chose you?”‌ Bartholomew repeated, “Oh, my boy, I‌ chose you due to your clear enthusiasm about the whole situation.” 
Yes, there was that. I‌ could already feel the jitters in my bones at the prospect of both traveling the world and going on this almost tour thing with the man – er, butterfly – who knew this route the best. He did take it twice a year. A migration that all butterflies took. Apparently, not even the anthropomorphic butterfly that was Bartholomew the Monarch Butterfly could survive the colder weather and needed to travel to the equator in order to stay alive.  
“I‌ suppose,”‌ I‌ said hesitantly, heel tapping against the ground rapidly. Bartholomew clearly notices, his large eyes glancing down to the tapping noise, before trailing back up to my face.  
“If you’re having second thoughts?”‌ He asked carefully, and I‌ shook my head.  

– Stay tuned for Chapter 1 Part 3 

Author – Stephany S.

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