Bartholomew’s Adventures in Seattle

The day was crisp and cool with just enough sun to make the temperature pleasant. Our dear friend Bartholomew was flying high above the city of Seattle, Washington, letting the breeze guide his blue wings along. “Ahh, what a glorious day” he thought, as he caught a glimpse of the Space Needle in the heart of downtown. Bartholomew wanted to get a closer look at this landmark, so he slowly glided down to the street below. “Look at all of these people! It’s almost as busy as when the tours let out near the Tower of London.” He decided to take flight as soon as he could. He wanted to find a nice secluded park where he could have a spot of tea. “This looks like just the place!” He thought, a few moments later, as he spotted a bench with a view of the city below. “Much better than risking my life down there.” Bartholomew pulled out his portable teacup that he kept with him at all times and began to sip. “I must remember to tell the Queen how much I love this cup. It was such a thoughtful birthday gift.” After a few quiet moments, Bartholomew decided to eat a crumpet. “I can’t continue to explore the city on an empty stomach after all.” Subsequently, our friend finished his afternoon snack and continued on his adventures. He soared above the city admiring the buildings, the waterfront, and the lovely homes. About an hour later he settled down in a tree just a few steps away from Puget Sound. “Isn’t this lovely,” Bartholomew said to himself. In fact, it was so lovely, and the water was so calm that after he spent a while admiring the sailboats, Bartholomew fell fast asleep. When he awoke about two hours later, he said “that was such a fabulous nap. I will have to remember this spot for later tonight.” All of his sleeping made him hungry again so he thought, “I wonder where I could get some dinner this evening.” Just as this crossed his mind, he turned around and saw a great number of tents lined up and many people milling about. “What is going on?” Bartholomew wondered. Then he saw a banner that read “Queen Anne Farmer’s Market.” This intrigued him so he went to investigate. Within the different tents, he saw a variety of fruits, vegetables, berries, bread, and other treats. “What luck!” Bartholomew thought as he stopped at a tent full of pastries. He decided on a piece of fruit cake. He took a bite while flying to the tent next door and declared the cake, “almost a delicious as my grandmother’s!” The next stand housed berries. Bartholomew purchased a flat of strawberries, his favorite. “This is a wonderful market! I love it! I will have to come back here soon.” He finished at the Farmer’s Market and decided to fly through the neighborhood. He stopped to look around.  When he turned, he saw some beautiful flowers. “This neighborhood is simply charming. I bet my mother would love these flowers!” Bartholomew continued his flight until something caught his attention. He went back to take another look, then gasped with fright. “What is that?” he yelled. Then he started to laugh. “Oh, it’s only a Jack O Lantern. I forgot Halloween was coming up.” This scare took the wind out of his sails and he realized he was very tired. “I should go back to that marvelous spot along the water and get some sleep.” He flew back, put on his sleeping cap and fell asleep to the peaceful noises surrounding him. His final thought as he began to drift off was, “this has been a glorious day.” 

Author – Amaya B

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