Amazon delivery robots may soon be knocking on your door.

A successful eight-month test run was done in Snohomish, Washington with these new robots. The robots have six wheels and are about the size of a large cooler with the capacity to carry two medium-sized packages. They are battery powered and move at a regular walking pace. The robots are programmed to avoid pedestrians, animals, unexpected obstacles (such as garbage cans) and it’s sensors can even detect when a car is backing out of the driveway. Amazon created many virtual maps of American suburbs and conducted simulated deliveries to homes.  

There are some unknown things about these robots such as, how it can be delivered to the right person or how many deliveries it can make before the battery needs to be re-charged. There are also some limitations the bots have including; they are unable to climb stairs/gates which means they can only reach consumers on ground level. The bots also can’t leave packages on the doorstep if the customers are not home. These are all things that can make it difficult for the bots to thrive, but things that can also be resolved. 

 Amazon is mainly focused on home deliveries, but on August 20th 2019 they announced plans to deploy bots to deliver food and other items to students on college campus across the country.  Similar to the amazon bot (aka scout), there are more bots being designed by other companies. Like Starships Eponymous bot. It has been tested in over 20 countries and has made 100,000 successful deliveries. Food and grocery delivery company called Postmates “bug-eyed bot” is already making its way around the streets of San Francisco. They can carry up to 50 pounds and travel 30 miles per battery charge.  

All in all, I am beyond amazed of how far technology has come along. I think the Amazon bot is super cool and could be very successful in the future. There are good and bad things about the bots, but I would definitely use it if I had the opportunity. 

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Author – Kristin G

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  1. Hello, Kristin!

    This article really piqued my curiosity. I really wonder how this will all shake out. Thanks for posting. 🙂

    Emily Stukel


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