As I walk the forest ground, I can’t help but feel a sense of peace and calm. I look around and see my favorite things, the green trees, the rushing creek, the frogs jumping, the campfire burning, and my friends and family smiling and laughing. Camping is where you can disconnect from the internet, social media, towns, cities, and people. When camping, you are living a simpler life, with family and friends who we love. This is what camping means to me.  

Some may not like camping, and that’s okay. We all find peace in different ways. Camping is a way to bring to people together and away from the stress of life. Camping is usually a family tradition that starts when a kid is young and is continued through generations. As stated in the article A short history of camping, camping first originated in “1861 – Gunnery Camp is founded in Washington, Connecticut, by Frederick Gunn, who owned a boys’ school. Taking his wards on a two-week trip, they hike to a specific wilderness area where they set up camp. Activities include hiking, fishing, and observing nature, and of course, cooking over a smoky fire.” Camping was meant for people to enjoy the outdoors and take time to be in a beautiful place.  

I have found that camping can be enjoyed by many, even if they are not quite used to in the wilderness. Something about being among the trees, walking on unpaved trails, sitting around the campfire with your friends and family, and waking up and smelling the mountain air. Camping is a wonderful experience, but you shouldn’t take my word for it; you should pack all your camping gear and your family and head for the woods. 

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Author – Emily A.

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