The Difference

The difference is beautiful 

The dark versus the light 

The moon versus the sun 

The stars versus the clouds 

The difference is melodic 

The quiet versus the busyness  

The crickets versus the people  

The owls versus the doves 

The difference is smooth 

The cold versus the warm 

The bug bites versus the bee stings 

The stones in front of the fire versus the grass under the tree 

The difference is raw 

The crisp air versus the floral breeze  

The lavender versus the grass 

The ponds versus the rivers 

The difference is sweet 

The freshness versus the salty breeze 

The tea versus the coffee 

The mosaic versus the simple 

The calm versus the energetic 

The sleepy versus the awake 

The peaceful versus the fierce 

The difference is night and day 

Author- Kaitlyn R

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