Kingdom Hearts DLC Re:Mind

January 25th, 2019, Kingdom Hearts III was released 14 years after its last main title Kingdom Hearts II. However, numerous side-games have been released in-between 2 and 3. Many fans were underwhelmed with how Kingdom Hearts III turned out, claiming that after 14 years it should be 10x better than it was. However, Tetsuya Nomura, the series director, released a note with the official Kingdom Hearts III notebook in a preemptive response to those critics. 



I am assuming that you already have a copy of KINGDOM HEARTS III if you are looking at this page, but as I do not know if you are reading this before or after you played the game, I will write my foreword without any spoilers. 

I had quite a tough time writing the story this time around. So many characters appear in this game, with each of them having their own set of problems and needing to choose their own fate. They are characters that were born over the course of ten plus years, and each character has fans who love them. I ask for everyone to see their stories to the end and see what each of them grasped from their stories. I rewrote the ending multiple times and took a lot of time deciding how I want it to play out on the screen. After much thought, I ended up keeping it simple. I believe that KINGDOM HEARTS III is truly completed when the two thoughts – whatever you feel from playing the game, and that I’ve secretly placed in the game – match up together. I hope that everyone playing the game will complete the game for us. 

The release of this game was truly a long time coming. We did make you wait for a long time, but I’m sure it will feel like a blink of an eye for you to reach the ending compared to the time it took to get here. However, I believe the reason as to why this series has lasted this long, is because of the feeling that it leaves you with after you finish playing the game. It would make me happy if you talk with friends about KINGDOM HEARTS III, the new addition to the series, and if that triggers you to think about stories that haven’t been told yet. 

KINGDOM HEARTS Series Director, 
Tetsuya Nomura”  

Despite this, Nomura has decided not to conclude the story there. Kingdom Hearts III ended with a large plot twist that teased our new villain to be, and unsurprisingly, it’s not Maleficent, or another Xehanort. Nomura had announced at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra tour that a new DLC will be released this winter. It is called Re:Mind and has been teased with at least two trailers thus far. Without a confirmed release date, it’s unknown what to expect with this DLC and what will be added into it. The story seems to rely heavily on our new antagonist, and former playable characters, Riku and Aqua, appear to be playable once again. Here’s to a playable Roxas and Xion! 

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Author : Briawna P

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