The True Queen CH 1

Chapter One 

“Your Majesty? It is her birthday… Do I send for her?” 

“Yes I am well aware of what day it is, Bash… Yes, and I want you to accompany them” 

“You want me to go and tell her? Go all the way to America?” 

“Yes I do, I trust you more than half of the guard” 

“Don’t let them hear that” ‘Bash’ says with a small smirk making his companion breathe out a laugh. 

“Go on Bash, head out. I want her here as soon as possible… It may take time, and you will have to convince her of the truth, she has been lied to her whole life. But I warn you, be careful with her.” 

“I understand, and I will be as delicate and speedy as possible my King” Bash said ending the conversation with a bow and walking out of the King’s study to go get some guards for a time consuming journey. “America, here we come” he muttered to the deadly silent, but echoing halls of the castle. 




“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know ‘time to get up’ just be quiet” I muttered as I rolled over onto my side to turn off my alarm. I grumbled a bit sitting up and rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. I groaned again, I really hated mornings, especially early ones. I mean it’s my birthday I should be able to sleep all that I want! I sigh with a smile and thought, finally 21.  

Anyways, I should probably introduce myself a little before we go on through the day. My name is Crystal Collins, and today I am 21 years old. I was adopted, by my lovely father, Jared Collins, who unfortunately has been missing, presumed dead for three years. I have no idea who my parents are, and trust me I have looked, but I don’t really mind, I love my father and love the life I was given. I grew up in private school, had a ton of friends, large birthday parties each year, constant food and care, a beautiful mansion, horses, and literally anything I wanted. Unfortunately, that all came at a small price; fake friends, harder school experiences, high expectations, classes on how to be proper, business and ‘Queen’ classes, as I liked to call them, from middle school on, social gatherings with tins of fake, rude, rich people. It was a small price for everything I was given and it was worth it, but now the gatherings have decreased and my volunteering has increased. I love volunteering and donating anytime and as much as I can to food kitchens, orphanages, animal shelters, schools, etc.  

I got out of bed and got dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, brushed my hair and my teeth, and got ready for work. I work at a thriving 25 year-old electricity company in New York called ‘Teseract.’ My adoptive father actually founded the company with his best friend, who happened to be a Norse Mythology geek, hence the name of the company. But when they were taking a business trip to Australia their plane went missing on the way back, never to be heard from again. I was 18 and the business was passed down to me. So now my best friend, Aleu and I run the company and I am proud of us so far.  

As I arrive at my building, I walk in and am greeted by my secretary at her desk by the elevators.  

“Morning Ms. Collins”  

“Good Morning Katie, and please call me Crystal or even Crys okay?” I reminded her with a smile.  

She smiled back and nodded; “Mr. Theodore Weber is on the fourteenth floor waiting room with Ms- uh Aleu” she said correcting herself as I raised an eyebrow at the ‘Ms.’ I smiled and gave my thanks with a nod and headed up. I walk into the elevator and smile at the soft classical music in the background as I wait to get to the right floor.  

“Ah there she is! Crys! Do we have Mr. Weber’s company contracts? I can’t find them in the file.” Aleu said as soon as the doors opened, I chuckled a little and smiled. 

“Hey Al, Theo, yes I have them, I sent them to our attorney as well as theirs to check all the details, just as a final check. They’re right here.  For the future, it’s also in his electronic file.” I said smiling at her and Theo while grabbing the papers from my cabinet under my computer and handing them to him. 

“Thank you, I would like to read over them one more time if that is okay, it is a big merger after all. I did talk to my attorney last night, thank you for sending those over to him by the way; I know the request came in late.” 

“Oh no worries Theo, I was more than happy to do it. Also feel free, you can make yourself comfortable on the couch or my office, either works. I have to send an email while you do that, if you don’t mind.” I said as he nodded and we both headed into my office, me sitting behind my desk and him taking a seat in one of the two chairs on the other side. As he started reading it over, I turned my computer on and waited for it to load up. While I was waiting, I thought about this merger. It was one my father had been working on for four years prior and it was finally getting done. 

I started drafting an email to one of my clients and Mr. Weber sat up and set the papers on my desk right as I sent send. We looked at each other and he smiled. “It all looks good Ms. Collins! I am happy to say that we are now officially in business and are finally merged. Congratulations, your father would be very proud of you.” 

I smiled in appreciation at his words and pride at the thought of him being right. “Thanks Theo, you’ve been great, I look forward to working with you more frequently in the future.” 

“Of course Crys, now I have to get back but I’ll see and talk to you soon, yeah?” The business man asked with a smile as the blond answered with a smile of her own. 

“Absolutely, do you want me to show you down?” 

“No thanks I think I got it” he said with a smirk; “Have a great day” 

“You as well” I smiled at Aleu as we made eye contact and as soon as Mr. Weber was in the elevator and the door closed we ran and embraced each other. We FINALLY completed the deal! We pulled back and she looked me dead in the eye. 


I laughed; “Thanks Hun, now come on let’s get these paper scanned in and sent over to his offices and then we have to-“ 

“Sweets, I know calm down, let’s get our work done and then I am taking you out for your birthday!” She said cutting me off 

“You know I don’t do anything for my birthday-“I started to argue but was cut off by her once again. 

“You only turn 21 once! Come on at least come with me for dinner and then we can go to your house and we can binge something on Netflix! Come on Sis! Please!!” Oh come on, she used the sister card on me. We weren’t really sisters but we were close enough, if not closer.  

“Ugh, fine” I said holding back a smile; she really could get me to jump off a cliff if she wanted.  

We were interrupted by my office phone ringing. I smiled at Aleu one more time and walked back to my office to answer. 


“Hey Crystal, we have a few visitors down here for you, are you expecting anyone?” 

“Hey Katie, I am not… Ah well, I’ll be down in a second to see what’s up, hold on a minute” 

“Of course, I’ll let them know.” 

“Thanks Hun.” I said hanging up and walking to the elevator, telling Al that I would be right back. 

On the ride down I can’t help but wonder who was here, and why? As soon as the doors opened and I found a breathtaking pair of blue eyes looking towards the elevators and when the brown haired man saw me, he let a smile grace his face. His comrades faced me as well and nodded in acknowledgement before turning to each other again, not wanting to all stare at me I suppose. However the mysterious blue eyed man kept his eyes on me.  

“Hello, you must be Ms. Crystal Collins, I am Sebastian Sutherland” He said extending a hand. 

“It is a pleasure Mr. Sutherland” I replied shaking his hand. 

“No the pleasure is all mine Ms. Collins” The brown haired man replied smiling at me. 

“Oh please call me Crystal or Crys” I corrected politely as he nodded and replied with a preferred name as well. 

“Of course, as long as you call me Bash;” 

“Bash?” I asked testing the name out  

He nodded confirming what I had said; “Bash”   

Author: Jasmine R

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