Christmas Wishes

Last Christmas I had wanted many things 

Toys, games, books, music  

Everything that Santa brings 

My mind wasn’t in the same place 

As it is today 

This Christmas my wishes have changed 

I want my friends to be happy 

And my family to be safe 

And to see my loved ones near and far 

Important things for people who care 

This Christmas my wishes are more 

A hand to hold through thick and thin 

Someone to hug and get hugs back 

Cuddles are important too 

A new love to introduce 

Next Christmas my wishes may vary 

Maybe love and family 

Friends and Community 

No Christmas wish is too big or small 

Cause Christmas Magic listens to all 

WORK CITED (Rapp, K, Christmas Wishes, 12/14/19) 

Author : Kaitlyn R

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