Our Two New Furbabies

As you all may know, I had two cats. One’s name was Oscar, and the other was Skitty. Skitty passed away in 2016. He had to be put down due to being extremely ill. He couldn’t walk, wouldn’t eat, and his nose was always snotty. Not to mention he had a sore on his eye that STUNK. My parents took him in a few days before Christmas. We had just started to be buddies. He hated me when I was a child because I would chase him and scream. When he got really sick one day, I treated him nicely. Shortly after he got better, he’d cuddle me and would rub on me. I was the only one who could pick him up. However, Oscar was my best pal since I was born. He was always so fluffy and cuddly, and he could brighten anyone’s day. His nicknames were Hoops or Booden or Hoopanini Booganan. My mom said she could tell he was a wild hoopanini because he was silky. It was always an ongoing joke.

Sadly, around June, Oscar got these things on his neck, we called Cat Pimples. They were huge, and the vet told us they aren’t anything to be concerned about, that its basically pimples for cats. We went along with this for years. But this time, Oscar was really sick. He threw up, panted, and wouldn’t come inside. Shortly after, they popped. However, they had terrible looking holes in them. We took him to the vet to get him cleaned up. What was just a cleanup, turned to the worst day of our lives. The vet came back after cleaning him and told us that they weren’t kitty pimples. There were multiple under the skin, and they don’t know what it was. We could’ve done blood work, but that would’ve been hundreds of dollars, not to mention he was 17. We didn’t know how much time we had left with him. They gave him a steroid shot and sent him home. That whole week was just stress filled. I didn’t want to lose him. He started to get better, which made me feel extremely happy.

But sadly, on the 4th of July, he began to get worse. His breathing was extremely difficult, and he wouldn’t respond to us. My mom told me that I was going to sleep in her room, and we didn’t know if he’d make it through the night. On either July 4th or 5th, Oscar passed away in his sleep. It hurt so bad, and we couldn’t live without a cat in the house. So that night, we looked everywhere for kittens. My shelter only had one that was on hold for someone else, and the others were in different shelters. But my mom went onto Craigslist, not knowing we’d find our future fur babies.

The next day, we went to pick up two new kittens, Machi and Turbo. Their mama lives in Salem, so it was a long drive there and back, just to pick them up. I’ve never experienced kittens before, and I’ll tell ya, it’s really tiring but very, very fun. When we got to her apartment, Grandma went to hold Turbo and he hissed at her. This was hilarious to me, but it’s understandable. They had no idea who we were. We took them home, along with some of their favorite toys and food.
The car ride home was great. I sat in front of the carrier, so I could look in and see them. Machi would meow at me if I called his name, but Turbo was really mean anytime I’d move he’d growl. It was funny, but also sad. I was still getting over Oscar and I really wanted these kittens to love me. But love doesn’t happen in a day. In fact, the first place they went was my room. They slept under the bed and explored at night. For the first few days all they did was hide. Tuesday, of the next week, they were chasing each other in and out of the bathroom. They’ve been here for four months, and now they are running all over the house, eating things off the floor, playing in the blinds, and they even have their own cat tree!

Of course, I’m going to miss Oscar and Skitty, but they were adult cats. These two kittens do a lot more than they did. They cuddle all the way up in your face, meow randomly, and fill the house with happiness and laughter. Even though they are a handful, it’s worth it. I’m known as Fun Mom. I’m the one who lets them do what they want. Turbo is the cuddliest pal you could ever meet, and it only takes a soft blanket for him to get cuddly, but Machi cuddles when HE wants to. He doesn’t like being touched or held unless he’s up for it. He’s a stinker.

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Author- Emily R.

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