Life This Year

2019 is a weird year of getting to do new things that seem oddly familiar to me. I got slapped in the face with a multitude of realities that kind of changed how I live and view things. Now, I see how I spend my time as contributions to who I’m spending it with, I get myself out there a little bit more and I don’t like taking the spotlight when I don’t have to. I’ve got a girlfriend, thanks to 2018, became a prominent actor, writer, improvisor, and storyteller thanks to new interests in leading tabletop RPG’s. Conflicts in my life and in others this year taught me how to become a slightly better person, and here I’ll tell you a couple things I’ve learned so maybe you can do these things too. 

Time. Family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. You divide your time to spend the necessary amount with each and every one of them while juggling work, or school, or a band, sports, games, alone-time, family-time, etc. If you lose track of who you’re spending the most time with, others might leave you, and you’ll find yourself unmotivated, and depressed. First, make a calendar. Put everything on it. Put it up in your room and mark larger events in your life on a family calendar. This will save you so much time from worrying about if you have this or that date taken when someone asks you to hang out, or reserve a date for maybe a trip, a coffee, a sleepover, or something other. A large lesson I learned is when you or someone else is split between two things – everyone has time, it’s only a matter of priorities. Second, establish these priorities. Your responsibilities first, leisure time next. Don’t say you’ll hang out and then do homework, responsibilities first, leisure time next. Third, make time. You have it, as before mentioned. Fill up your calendar with hangout dates with friends and family, don’t become bored. Make time for everyone, and you don’t have to split it evenly, but make sure you have that variety. 
Chances. Everyone deserves chances, and every situation should be given an equal amount of it. This means learning every side to a story before making decisions. This means listening to others before you decide to speak; listen to others how you would like to be listened to – it only takes a little bit of silence. And us teenagers? We have a lot of it to give! Giving chances also means to not play favorites, equal chances should be given to the loners, the nerds, the popular kids, the quiet ones as well as the loud rambunctious ones. I’ve met quite a few friends who are the latter end of popular or outgoing – and we take pride in that, as a circle of tight knit friends who give chances (However, we’ll talk about pride later). Giving chances requires a lot of patience, which you must have! Find the strength in situations to take a step back and evaluate what needs to be listened to. Avoid arguments, encourage discussions, let others speak their mind when disagreements rise, and seriously understand their viewpoint, and ask them questions about why they feel the way they do, then express your own feelings. But don’t always expect to get these equal chances in return. 

Pride. The hateful comment on social media, the weird glares, that “you go to an online school?”, or the stuff you do: art, writing, games, music, or photography, etc., you have to take pride in yourself always. Like before mentioned, listen to others’ opinions, but don’t ever disqualify your own, and know how to tell an opinion not worth applying. Create your own style, do your own thing, but still fit in to your kind of crowd and do it powerfully, with confidence. To be completely unique yet to fit in perfectly is the ideal lifestyle of every teenager. But I’ll tell you it’s impossible without taking pride in who you are. You can be unique, but you got to love it and wake up for what you do in the morning, or else you’ll fall apart. But that’s okay because a good circle of friends has you when you fall. Pride in your life doesn’t come with a decision, it comes with learning to love who you are. 

Thick and thin. The last thing I learned over this year is that you have to have people in your life that love you through thick and thin, and chances are, they’re right in front of you but you never noticed. Everyone is worth the world and more. The problem is that teenagers today seem to miss that… If you have a circle of friends, or even one friend, one person, that you can count on to be with you through thick and thin, and you create that time to be stable in your life, you have the chances and likewise give chances to others, and you take pride in who you are and what you do, you’ll succeed in adolescence and in life. 2019 for me has revealed these things as a sort of climax to a buildup of failing and learning, and while these may not be the best messages, it’s been my Life This Year. 

Author : Levi G

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