Basketball is a sport where you throw a ball into a hoop and score points. I play basketball for Liberty High School Falcons in Hillsboro, OR. The reason I love basketball so much is because you’re always moving. You always have something to do.
Basketball is a game that has a point system. So, if you shoot from the three-point line, it’s worth three points. Let’s say you shoot a layup or a closer shot; it’s worth two points. There are four quarters, so it’s a game of teamwork and skill. There is a way to get one point if you fouled, you get free throws, and each one is worth one point.
My favorite NBA team to watch is the Oklahoma City (OKC) Thunders. Paul George is on the team, and he’s one of the star players. My favorite player, though, is Russell Westbrook. There are a lot of starters on OKC like, Kevin Durant. Basketball is all about how you play. So, play well.

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Author- Landen A.

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