Online Zoom Writers Group This Monday – RSVP On Meetup – Writers Critique Circle and Craft Discussion -Analyzing Ray Bradbury Short Story ‘The Fog Horn’ - Please RSVP to Be Sent Zoom Link Join our handful of regular Monarch Writers if you are feeling adventurous and RSVP and Zoom In for this discussion this Monday at 6pm, January 23rd, for a couple of hours till around 8pm. - The Story and Its Writer - Intro Chapter -... Continue Reading →

1/16/2022 – 1/23/2022 Weekly Poem – From A Gas Station Outside Providence – By Mike Doughty (Audio)

From A Gas Station Outside Providence - by Mike Doughty This kiss, unfinished, lips to receiver in the parking lot,a pucker shot through a fiber optic wireto an answering machinetoward switchboards and stations transmittingin blips to satellites, this kissthrown earthward and shooting downcoils, around pipeline and electric powerlumbering underground,up threads and transistorsand transference points.This... Continue Reading →

1/09/2022 – 1/16/2022 Weekly Poem – The Shield of Achilles – by W.H. Auden

The Shield of Achilles W. H. Auden - 1907-1973 She looked over his shoulder       For vines and olive trees,    Marble well-governed cities       And ships upon untamed seas,    But there on the shining metal       His hands had put instead    An artificial wilderness       And a sky like lead. A plain without a feature, bare and brown,   No blade of grass, no sign of neighborhood,Nothing to eat... Continue Reading →

Great Conversation About The Nature of Science Fiction, How Art Affects Real Life, and Empowering Writing in Effective Ways for Addressing Climate Change – from BBC’s ‘The Climate Question’

The Climate Question Is science fiction holding back climate action? For centuries, we’ve been reading, watching and listening to science fiction. And all too often, it’s pretty pessimistic about our future, especially when it touches on the topic of climate change. This is leading some to ask whether these doom and gloom stories are doing... Continue Reading →

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