1/16/2022 – 1/23/2022 Weekly Poem – From A Gas Station Outside Providence – By Mike Doughty (Audio)

From A Gas Station Outside Providence - by Mike Doughty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3yAbMOqWeQ This kiss, unfinished, lips to receiver in the parking lot,a pucker shot through a fiber optic wireto an answering machinetoward switchboards and stations transmittingin blips to satellites, this kissthrown earthward and shooting downcoils, around pipeline and electric powerlumbering underground,up threads and transistorsand transference points.This... Continue Reading →

Introducing THE HAUNTED TYPEWRITER (.com) Video Blog and Homepage of Monarch Writers’ Author Cypress Butane

Check out the first episode of Monarch Writers' author Cypress Butane's new literary theory video blog - revolving around the discussion of the Monarch Writers this month 'MIMESIS'. Follow his new site for more videos and blog updates at http://www.thehauntedtypewriter.com/ and Follow Cypress Butane on Facebook In June 2019, The Monarch Writers are discussing MIMESIS,... Continue Reading →

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