Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. T!

Teacher Profile: Mrs. Tatarek By: Michael Malina As the first semester chugs along and nears the end, it's important to reflect back on the school year we've had so far and especially the fantastic teachers that make ORVA possible! Of which there is no better way to properly recognize our marvelous teachers than with a... Continue Reading →

DIY Gift Bow

By: Daelyn Wilson   So we’ve entered that time of year again! A time to buy, wrap, tie, and give gifts. One of the most iconic things about a present, is the fluffy bow on the top of the present. It is easy to get a bow from the store for about a dollar. But... Continue Reading →

Younger Siblings: The Ultimate Challenge

Younger Siblings: The Ultimate Challenge By Isabelle Jones Millions of answerless questions. Small hands getting into things. Screams and shouts every half hour. Little noise making toys littered all over the hallway. Sound familiar? Yep. Then you probably have little siblings. I do too, 5 of them actually. It can be chaotic, what’s an older... Continue Reading →

A Poem

Emily Reed Tears formed in the girl's eyes as she sat on the cold floor of the Bathroom Stall. She heard what those girls said.. Tears trailed down her cheeks, staining her clothes. She hid her face in her knees and sobbed. Suddenly, a bright yellow light appeared. ''Why are you crying, child?" When the... Continue Reading →

Two Person Poem

Two Person Poem about the Cherokee Trail of Tears  Amelia Lutsenko Cherokee Child on Trail of Tears A Child Settling in the Captured Land I’m a Cherokee Child I’m a Settler’s Child My family is moving Our home and land was stolen We got some new land! The river is frozen and my feet are... Continue Reading →

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