In Our Time (BBC 4) Discusses PLATO’S Gorgias Dialogue – Rhetoric Contends With Truth What is the nature of rhetoric? Does persuasion seek flattery and gratification of the audience, often at the cost of the truth? Plato, who experienced tyranny and the unjust death sentence of his teacher Socrates, examines in the GORGIAS dialogue whether those who seek to win arguments... risk losing their souls. And is PHILOSOPHY... Continue Reading →

NPR books editor Petra Mayer has died

Petra Mayer, a beloved books editor on NPR's Culture desk, died on Saturday. She died suddenly at Holy Cross Hospital in Maryland of what's believed to be a pulmonary embolism, said Nancy Barnes, NPR's senior vice president for news, in an email to staff. "Petra was NPR through and through," Barnes wrote. "To say that... Continue Reading →

Dave Eggers Interview/Essay on the Dubiety of Those Who Would Ask After Your Shit-Real-Keeping- Merits, Versus Those Who Would Say Yes to Something New and Different

I thought of this today, and wondered if it might be safely archived on the internet. I found it on this blog: and am thankful it is still in currency. The preamble before 'This is an interview from 2000' is from I will keep this here as long as this site remains up,... Continue Reading →

You’re a Genius All the Time – Jack Kerouac’s 30 tips of ‘Belief and Technique for Modern Prose’ for Spontaneous Creative Writing

Scribbled secret notebooks, and wild typewritten pages, for yr own joySubmissive to everything, open, listeningTry never get drunk outside yr own houseBe in love with yr lifeSomething that you feel will find its own formBe crazy dumbsaint of the mindBlow as deep as you want to blowWrite what you want bottomless from bottom of the... Continue Reading →

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