Top Ten Movies of 2018

By: Daelyn Wilson   2018 was a mixture of good and bad, like every year. But, the movies, for the most part, were all pretty good! arranged the top grossing movies of 2018. Do keep in mind this list will only include the top ten movies, arranged from 10 -1, based on how much... Continue Reading →

The Best Rescue of 2018

By David Arellano 2018 was an exciting, confusing and very long year. Africa, I mean, France won the World Cup, the Royal Wedding, Stan Lee died, The Black Panther came out, and everybody was arguing over whether they heard, “Yanny” or “Laurel.” It was obviously “Laurel.” Now that have the important things aside it’s time... Continue Reading →

My List of Lesser Known Music Artists

By Takoda Suppah   Etalify Etalify is a music artist that posts on both YouTube and SoundCloud, a free music-streaming service. He mainly creates chiptune songs, all of which don’t commonly make it past a thousand views. With only 457 subscribers on YouTube at the time of writing this, his following is rather small. However,... Continue Reading →

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