Meet The Staff!!

We are a group of young and brilliant writers from Oregon! We all attend Oregon Virtual Academy and are dedicated to bringing you along our journey! Want to meet the staff? Read on.

The Chief Editor

Daelyn Wilson

daelyn wilson headshot

Hello!! My name is Daelyn and I am a senior this year! This is my third year at ORVA, but my 12th year with K12. A little bit about myself, my favorite subject in school is Math, but Art is a close second. I enjoy doing anything creative. I have recently taken up Kajukenbo, though I’ve done Martial Arts since I was 5. I am a nerd! I love Marvel, DC, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and more (like a lot more). I can’t wait to serve on the staff again this year! Let’s make it great!:) Contact me here.


The Writers

Isabelle Jones

Hello! My name is Isabelle Autumn Jones. I am a sophomore, and this is my 3rd year izzy jones headshotwith ORVA. I swim competitively with a club team on the coast, and I love getting to spend my time with such amazing teammates! I enjoy Reading, Writing, Photography, Cooking, Quilting, and crafting in my spare time. You could basically name anything creative and I have probably tried it before!


Jacob Hampton

Hello! I am Jacob Hampton, a senior and the resident gearhead/LEGO fan of the Monarchjacob hampton headshot Writers blog! I’ve been here before, for the 2016-2017 school year, and I really enjoy getting back into writing for my school’s blog. Between then and now, I’ve been writing my first novel, Green Ghost of Selva Rocosa, which (when it’s completed) will be the longest single literature piece I’ve ever written, at over 60,000 words. Like most of my works, this (and a lot of the stuff I’ll be writing this year) center around cars and stories about cars and other vehicles (along with some LEGO cars thrown in the mix).


Angel Anderson

My name is Angel, and I’m in the 11th grade. In my spare time, I love to draw funny, imaginary creatures.angel anderson headshot

My favorite places to go to is the Seaside at the Oregon, Coast, and the Columbia River Gorge.

I also enjoy playing video games with my brother. The video games I love are Garden Warfare 2, Happy Dungeons, and Slime Rancher.

My pet dog’s name is “Fluffy.” Her breed is a Bichon Frise. She loves to eat snacks, to play with squeaky toys, and to look out the window and bark at squirrels. Most of all, she loves having her belly rubbed.

McKenna Gesch

Hi! My name is McKenna. I’m a junior and this will be my 4th year with ORVA! When I’m not working on homework I’m probably watching horror movies, my favorite shows like American Horror Story, Survivor, and Riverdale, or listening to music. While I do enjoy scary things I value the balance that comes with light and fun things like makeup or all things Disney! I am passionate and very interested in current events/politics, wildlife, and traveling.

Hannah Arnold

I’m a girl born and raised in Portland, Oregon, with an artistic interest and love for literature. I’m an animal lover, and a sucker for holidays, along with new video games and at times, movies. Horror is one of my favorite genres, and puns are my go-to humor.


Caryssa Scott

Well, I’m 15. I’m the youngest of five. I was born in Utah but moved when I was really young. I’ve lived in Utah, Nevada, Texas and of course Oregon. I’ve been in and out of different schools for most of my life for different reasons mostly because of moving and dissatisfaction with them. I’m a devout member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, it is a big part of my life and community. Some of my interests are video games, mono-cycles, walking, crafts, YouTube, editing, and music. My passions are photography and filmmaking and of course my religion and family. My favorite Holiday is Halloween. I’ve always loved horror and the unknown. I have always loved the creativity and art of film and video games. And always wanted to strive to be the best that I can be and want to be able to share positivity, kindness, and understanding even if I’m not too good at it.

Nik Cartier

Hi, My name is Nik Cartier and I’m a big fan of music and writing. I’ve been writing for IMG_20180327_151025_727the past five years (since the fifth grade) and since then it’s taken me places I never thought I would go. Turns out that writing was like my career soulmate or whatever. (trying to publish a book soon.) I know a lot of people have fallen in love with their jobs and I know I have with my writing (the other things I do aren’t sit and fancy, but summer money is summer money). Anyways something I live by is ‘A Dream is a Story, your job is to write more than a few scenes.’ – Me back in 2k14

Emily Reed

Hello! My name is Emily! I like to Roleplay, Write Stories and Play Video Games! I especially like Pokemon Games. I’m 15 years old, and I44281385_1722634384532243_6417625070956445696_n

live with my Grandma, Grandpa, and Mom. The best family I could ever ask for. I have one pet, Oscar, who’s a cat. I transferred to ORVA when I was in 8th Grade. I usually spend my day watching Youtube and playing Splatoon and Pokemon! 🙂

The Advisor

Mr. Benedict


When he’s not teaching, biking, running, eating, napping, or reading, Mr. Benedict spends time with his wife, baby, and three cats. This is his third year at ORVA teaching 10th grade and thirteenth year teaching. He has been fortunate enough to visit 27 countries!

*In British accent* ‘Ello there. My title is Bartholomew the Monarch Butterfly, but I wouldbartholomew prefer if you would be so kind and call me Bartholomew. At 4:00 each day I enjoy a little bit of tea. Earl Grey Tea is my favorite. I love to play croquet and every once in a while I enjoy crumpets with the Queen of England (we are very good friends). I do not do much, except migrating when I have to and travel around every once in a while. In what spare time I have, I like to read Shakespeare and visit the Opera. Until later, I bid thee farewell. Contact me here.


Are you interested in becoming a Monarch Writer or a Special Guest Contributor?? Email us a sample and tell us what you want to write about!


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