What is Mythology?

When someone says 'myth', most of the time it's in the context of... well, the type of myths that the Myth Busters debunk. Something that is false - like how people supposedly swallow eight spiders a year while they're sleeping (which is false). Another meaning for this word, however, is mythology - the spoken stories from... Continue Reading →

Bartholomew’s Adventures in Seattle

The day was crisp and cool with just enough sun to make the temperature pleasant. Our dear friend Bartholomew was flying high above the city of Seattle, Washington, letting the breeze guide his blue wings along. “Ahh, what a glorious day” he thought, as he caught a glimpse of the Space Needle in the heart... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Park Orventure

This year's back to school ORventure, for Douglas County, took place at Sunshine Park in Roseburg Oregon. This is a newer park located at the east end of town. Our attending faculty were Miss Jackson and Miss Jaukkuri. Among the fun activities were cotton toss, cup stacking, gloved candy unwrapping, ping pong catch, noodle threading, and... Continue Reading →

Pakour vs. Gymnastics

By Samuel S. - Most of those reading will most likely not know fully about parkour. Maybe it’s been heard of a few times around, but it’s hard to define it. That’s mainly because it doesn’t have to have a hard definition, and that’s the beauty of it too. Parkour, down to its roots, is... Continue Reading →


Chinchillas are rodents that are native to South America, mainly in Chile. They once almost went extinct due to everyone wanting their thick and soft fur to make coats out of. Chinchilla fur is so dense, that it’s not supposed to get wet. Most pet owners will avoid getting their chinchilla wet because it will... Continue Reading →

ORVA Spotlight Mr. Mannon

Welcome back to the ORVA Spotlight, everyone! This entire column is brought to you by Tori and Stephany. This is our third ORVA Spotlight, on Mr. Mannon – one of the CTE teachers here at ORVA. J  Read below to get to know him!  1. What made you want to be a part of ORVA?   I work with... Continue Reading →

A Butterfly’s Migration: Chapter 1 Part 3

London, United Kingdoms “I apologize, I’m just having the jitters. I’m not the most… social of people.”‌ I‌ rubbed the back of my neck with my palm, that nervous smile of mine crossing my lips again. Bartholomew watched me for a few seconds, before laughing. “I‌ see, I‌ see.”‌ “I’ll calm down the longer we’re... Continue Reading →

A Butterfly’s Migration CH1 Part 2

London, United Kingdoms   Bartholomew continued speaking, but I‌ lost the first half of the sentence to my thoughts. “I do hope you don’t mind if it’s Earl Grey, I‌ must say that that is the tea I‌ stand by.”  What…?‌ It took me a few seconds to remember the whole tea thing, and I‌ nodded. “That will... Continue Reading →

Fish Ladders

I can remember back to when this picture was taken by me. This was the first day of an extremely hot summer. My friends and I, drove up to a well- known swimming spot (Fish ladders in Estacada, Oregon). I remember how scared I was because in order to get down to the water, you had to... Continue Reading →

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