Herp, Derp, and the Eraser Man

Herp, Derp, and the Eraser Man Jacob Hampton   One bright and sunny Sunday afternoon Two stickmen came to play On the shining beach of Herpleton These two men played all day As the sun sank out of sight, Derp announced, “We’ve had a fun time here, eh?”   Herp replied, “I wish we hadn’t... Continue Reading →

Homemade Apple Pie!

Homemade Apple Pie! By: Daelyn Wilson It’s that time of the year again! The Holiday season! A time when family gathers together to reflect on the wonderful things in their life, spend some time together, and eat some good food! I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite fall recipes is an Apple... Continue Reading →

ORVA Baby News

English 10 teacher, Mr. Benedict would like to introduce his new daughter Madeleine Eleanor to ORVA. She was born on Oct. 30 and both she and mom are doing well.      

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