A Butterfly’s Migration:

By: Stephany S.   Chapter One: London, United Kingdoms  “He’s ready for you, Mr. McCarthy,”‌ The secretary said, and her words drew my eyes upwards, away from the pamphlet in my hands. I‌ peered over my reading classes at her, before a small smile tugged at my formerly deadpan lips.   “Thank you,”‌ I‌ responded, a small tip of... Continue Reading →

Mrs. Tell

Hi There! Welcome to The ORVA Weekly Spotlight, co-written by Stephany and Tori, we take some time every week to recognize the great people that make up our school! 1. What made you want to be a part of ORVA I taught for 13 years in a brick and mortar high school. After my 2nd... Continue Reading →


Written by Tori P. - Photo by Doran Lower In case you’ve missed the crisp chill in the air and the start of everything becoming pumpkin flavored, it’s finally Fall! Whether it be the leaves starting to pile up on our lawns or the days getting shorter, it’s definitely here. The history of Autumn celebrations... Continue Reading →


by Kaitlyn R. The sky changes from bright to a sun unseen The leaves change to orange from green The ground changes from dry to wet The mood changes from joyous to content The time changes to putting away the beach ball The seasons change from summer to fall   The sky changes to a... Continue Reading →

Thirds_Rubber Ducky

by Connor L. This is a photo I took representing thirds (the focus of the picture is one one-third of the picture).The rubber ducky is in the left third of the photo, the focus is on him with some color in the background to give a little more interest. There is also some intentional blurring... Continue Reading →

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