Heavens Above

By Kiara Cross     When you live in the city, you find yourself not really caring about the night sky or the stars in it. It’s not like you can see them with the looming skyscrapers littered with blinking dots and the lights emanating from the streets below. There’s nothing particularly interesting about the... Continue Reading →

Finding My New Friend

By Connor Loblein   One day, when I was about seven, my Mom and I heard a very loud crying noise. She said she thought it might be coming from a big bush by the fence. In the past, she had seen cats go under there when they were moving their kittens. We started to... Continue Reading →

Earth’s Mightest

By Jasmine Roberts I stepped out of the airport with a small suitcase looking around for an Agent by the name of Phil Coulson. When I spot a man in a suit and sunglasses standing in what I like to call an ‘official’ stance, I start to walk over. "Miss Roberts?" the assumed man asked.... Continue Reading →

My Little Sister

By Emonni Jackson   When my baby sister was born When we found out that my mom was pregnant, it was so amazing because no one knew she was, so it was a big surprise to everybody! It was awesome. We thought my mom was sick, but she was pregnant! When she went to the... Continue Reading →

The End of Summer

By Jess Sigmund In the last few days of summer, Rylie and Connor went out to the beach, conveniently located in Rylie’s back yard. Her family always spends their summer in their beach house, and Connor usually comes too. They’ve known each other since freshman year, and now they’re going to be seniors. They want... Continue Reading →

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