The Organist Podcast – april 4 2019 – the narrative line

One of my favorite podcasts - the organist From The Believer Magazine - A Compendium of art and culture and interesting things - Listen here Or Wherever You Get your podcasts "The refraction of the eye; including a complete treatise on ophthalmometry;" (1900).Credit: Flickr/Library of Congress What happens when the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves... Continue Reading →

‘High on the Hog’ Proves Why Food Travel Shows Need New Gatekeepers – An Interesting Conversation on culture & creation – reblog from vice

'High on the Hog' Proves Why Food Travel Shows Need New Gatekeepers “The reason why [the show] is so resonant for Black people is because that’s really who it’s for. It’s for us.” KC By Kristin Corry QUEENS, US June 11, 2021, 1:41pm “Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you where you are from,”... Continue Reading →

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