The Sedan Super-Rivalry, Part 2: 1988 Ibishu Pessima vs. Gavril Grand Marshal vs 1996 Ibishu Pessima vs. Hirochi Sunburst

In Part 1 of this Sedan Super-Rivalry(link here), the 1953-1954 Burnside Special, 1963-1968 Ibishu Miramar, 1984-1988 Bruckell LeGran, and the 1985-1993 ETK I-Series battled against each other for sedan supremacy, with the I-Series coming out on top with 121.5 points. In this second and final part of the Sedan Super-Rivalry, however, we move out of... Continue Reading →

The Grand Bruckell LeGran: A Review

The LeGran S V6 at the East Coast, USA Gas Station. By Jacob Hampton In the December 21, 2016 update for, otherwise known as Version 0.8, a new and unique vehicle was added to the game: the 1984-1988 Bruckell LeGran mid-size front-wheel-drive sedan. This car, equipped with a beam axle at the rear and... Continue Reading →

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