11/14/2021 – 11/21/2021 Weekly Poem – Love Letter Written In a Burning Building – by Anne Sexton

Love Letter Written In A Burning Buildingby Anne Sexton I am in a crate, the crate that was ours,full of white shirts and salad greens,the icebox knocking at our delectable knocks,and I wore movies in my eyes,and you wore eggs in your tunnel,and we played sheets, sheets, sheetsall day, even in the bathtub like lunatics.But... Continue Reading →

Weekly Writing Prompt – 10/24/2021 – 10/31/2021 – A Scene in a Philosophical Novel: Like a Surrealist Collage – Here We Are, at Long Last, In the Wild World.

Weekly Writing Prompt – 10/24/2021 - 10/31/2021 - Shadow - Light, Presence & Depart; Collage a Mess of Images/Ideas, Turning Too Much to Enough. This We Call Art. Guillaume Chiron is a French artist who enjoys making humorous collages inspired by domestic life in the 1950s. The urban context is invaded by characters enlarged in scale in a paradoxical way,... Continue Reading →

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