Great Conversation About The Nature of Science Fiction, How Art Affects Real Life, and Empowering Writing in Effective Ways for Addressing Climate Change – from BBC’s ‘The Climate Question’

The Climate Question Is science fiction holding back climate action? For centuries, we’ve been reading, watching and listening to science fiction. And all too often, it’s pretty pessimistic about our future, especially when it touches on the topic of climate change. This is leading some to ask whether these doom and gloom stories are doing... Continue Reading →

11/14/2021 – 11/21/2021 Weekly Poem – Love Letter Written In a Burning Building – by Anne Sexton

Love Letter Written In A Burning Buildingby Anne Sexton I am in a crate, the crate that was ours,full of white shirts and salad greens,the icebox knocking at our delectable knocks,and I wore movies in my eyes,and you wore eggs in your tunnel,and we played sheets, sheets, sheetsall day, even in the bathtub like lunatics.But... Continue Reading →

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