Teacher Spotlight

Mr. Benedict – English Teacher

Our very first Teacher Spotlight of the year is, Mr. Benedict!

Mark Benedict

MW: Why did you become a teacher?

Mr. Benedict: I became a teacher because I loved reading and sharing that joy with others.

MW: Did you always want to be a teacher? 

Mr. Benedict: I decided to become a teacher in high school and haven’t changed my mind yet.

MW: What was your favorite teaching moment? 

Mr. Benedict: My favorite teaching moments are when I get to laugh with my students (luckily it happens a lot!).

MW: Which of your teachers was the most influential in your life?

Mr. Benedict: My sophomore year English teacher (Mr. Wade) was most influential to me– he allowed us to delve into deeper topics in lit.

MW: If you want your kids to learn one thing from you, what would it be? 

Mr. Benedict: If my students learn one thing from me, it would be to not use the word “thing.” Just kidding! It would be to walk in others’ shoes and learn to see the world through others’ eyes.

MW: What do you do for fun?

Mr. Benedict: For fun, I like to read, run, bike, and hang out with my wife and our three cats!

MW: What is your favorite food? 

Mr. Benedict: My favorite food is ham and pineapple pizza.

MW: What is your favorite holiday?

Mr. Benedict: My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving: delicious food and delightful company.

MW: What is your favorite quote?

Mr. Benedict: My favorite quote is “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet,” -Abraham Lincoln

MW: If you could choose one book to suggest to someone, what would it be? 

Mr. Benedict: A terrific read is A Short History of Nearly Everything. It’s a comedic adventure through the history of our earth. It’s both hilarious as well as factual.

Fun Facts:

Mr. Benedict has visited 27 countries!!

Mr. Benedict got married last weekend!! (Nov. 18)


Thank you, Mr. Benedict, for being such an amazing teacher! We are glad to have you here at ORVA. 🙂