The Monarch Writers is a St. Louis based writing group, founded in September 2017, for writers who take their writing seriously and want to move their projects forward from conception to completion.

We try to provide a space for those working on fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, in any style. Short story crafters, novelists, flash fiction devotees, essay & article exigents are all welcome.

The Monarch Writers meet each and every Saturday from 3pm-10pm at the Hartford Coffee Company (except the Third Saturday, when we move to Mokabe’s Coffeehouse due to a concert night hosted at the Hartford on those days. Or, there’s the St. Louis poetry meetup on the Third Saturdays, which some of our members choose to attend, if you want a change of pace.) These meetings are designed to be a long ‘Write-In’ session where you can bring whatever you are working on and spend with your project. We try our best to let people do their own thing, but often have good discussions at points through the day, though we’ll also do word wars or get down to work for some quiet table time too. But if you like, there is a special annex building out back at the Hartford that is reserved for quiet and you can retreat there if you really want to buckle down.


In addition, there are the Monday Meetings, on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month. We have a theme for the month, and I’ll post a packet before the 2nd Monday on the meetup page that describes a theme from Literary Criticism history and philosophy, mostly following along the textbook we’re going through ‘A History of Literary Criticism From Plato to the Present’ by M. Habib, which you can find an eBook link to on the meetup page. I’ll mix the heady topics we broach here with a practical writing topic, regarding either an aspect of the craft itself, techniques, or the life of the writer, and am open to suggestions!


The 2nd Monday will then be a meeting of discussion around these topics, and how they relate to our own projects and writing experience, pure roundtable stuff.

Then, based on that, we’ll come up together with a prompt to work on for the next meeting, something related to what we’ve covered.


The 4th Monday is the Share/Critique/Discover/&Free! Write-Night. You can bring in a piece of work to share, probably just 2-5 pages, though I’d like to try to have people post on the Meetup Event page for that specific night whether they will be bringing work, in case anyone may have a longer piece and no other comers. You can read your piece to the group, or have us read it quietly if you prefer (though we prefer you read it), and then we’ll have a friendly discussion and offer constructive feedback.


Also in the 4th Monday meeting we’ll have another prompt based around the theme for that month, regarding how we can apply it to our writing (Discovery), and also if you request beforehand, I’ll bring a couple decks of tarot cards in case anyone wants to try any alternative exploration of their plot and characters, or to use to construct some new characters and plot, through divination. And we’ll finish with a FreeWriting session around the Discovery Prompt. Plus, if I’ve got it together in time, a preview of the next month’s theme.